Georgia Ag Tag

The Georgia Agriculture license plate honors Georgia Agriculture and all the growers, shippers, and processors involved in the farm to table process.

Several FFA and 4-H members attended the Governor’s Honors Agriscience Program and were tasked on researching other state’s agriculture tags to produce a design for the Georgia ag programs. Mike Parson, an artist from Winder, used the draft to create the final license plate.

In November 2006, Georgia voters approved a constitutional amendment authorizing specialty tags by a 67%-33% margin. Included in this amendment was the “Ag Tag” proposed by Senator Greg Goggans of Georgia’s 7th District. The new automobile license plate was designated to honor Georgia agriculture.

How to Purchase

Visit or call your local tag office and request the tag. All ag tags will need to be renewed in the county in which you reside.  There is an $80 fee which includes a manufacturing cost and the annual fee for the tag. There is an annual $55 registration and specialty tag fee to renew. Ten dollars of that fee will be evenly distributed between Georgia 4-H and FFA and go to fund special initiatives in each organization for each year. For more information on how to renew your ag tag please click here.